What is Coaching?

Through coaching we create a safe place where you can fully be yourself and, through conversation, discover new ways to achieve your desired outcomes.

Coaching involves building a strong alliance to collaborate on the process of learning, effectiveness and fulfilment, helping you to focus on what matters.

Coaching is not advising, mentoring or consulting. Through the use of professional tools and techniques we work with you to identify and detail goals, consider current realities, discover options and build a way forward.


The coach asks powerful questions, challenges thinking and helps you discover new areas and ideas. Working without judgment, our role is to awaken you to your potential and find your own path forward.

Coaching involves developing actions that you commit to work on. Your actions and progress towards goals are led by you.

Coaching is forward looking, building on positive elements of the past and present, focusing on strengths and successes, developing new energising beliefs and positive ideas.

Coaching is completely confidential, and at CLIH we comply with all regulations with regards to safeguarding of your personal information and protecting data.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching is a fast-growing sector. On your part there will generally be an open-minded attitude and a desire to maximise your potential, achieve ambitious goals or advance aspects of your personallife and work. You may or may not have identified a focus prior to starting coaching.

What can coaching help me achieve?

Coaches employ a wide range of tools and techniques to support different areas of life and work. Here are just a few examples of how you might choose to work with a coach:


Plan your life goals and make them specific, measurable, realistic, attainable and time bound. Then plan your goal ladder through your personal agenda for change.


Deal with your problems - work through what you can control, what you can influence and what you can accept. Work through strategies to address a problem and take positive action.


Use a range of tools and techniques to help you identify and define your values and use these to guide your decision making. 

Emotional Intelligence

Dig into and work on the four pillars of Emotional Intelligence - self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others and relationships with others to help you become your authentic self.


Analyse and determine your personal qualities, skills and character strengths and how these can be capitalised on in the realisation of your goals.

Positive Emotions

Discover your perceptions around Positive Emotions through looking at issues around Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment.

Work/Life Balance

Develop your personal Wheel of Life and tune it to roll smoothly by building your own action plan and balancing the various elements of your life.

Time Management

Analyse what is soaking up your time and whether it is being used strategically. Move away from the urgent to the important tasks.

Conflict management

Examine sources of conflict and triggers, develop your own conflict management approach. Tune in to yourself and others, interpret signals, choose responses and take appropriate actions. 


Consider the four areas of mindfulness and how these play out in your work and life - Perception, Presence of Mind, Acceptance and Letting Go.

Career Planning

Develop your goals, analyse your reality, work through options and make a plan.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

A chemistry session - 20 minutes

An introduction and a chance to ask questions about coaching and make a decision about whether to go ahead.

Free - Book an Introduction Here

A series of coaching sessions - Five sessions of 60-75 minutes each

Coaching is generally most effective over a period of time, between a week and a month between sessions. This allows for a broad range of approaches to be used to dig into your thoughts and make the changes that you decide upon. This can be particularly useful to help unstick the stuck! 

€325 - Book a First Session Here.You will be sent an invoice after making the booking. 

A single coaching session - up to 75 minutes 

Coaching to address a broader range of issues, that involve the coach learning more about you and digging into areas such as your values, beliefs and ideals.

Coaching normally takes place over a number of sessions, but one session can be effective, depending on your needs.

€75 - Book a Single First Coaching Session Here. You will be sent an invoice after making the booking. 

Pro Bono Coaching - At Art Earth Personal and Life Coaching we also offer pro bono coaching, aiming to support you if you may not otherwise be able to access coaching. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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